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stole both these from piratesorka...

This one doesn't surprise me in the least. Since i'm pretty much your ideal gemini. I'm all air signs for most of my chart, with a leo thrown in here and there to make me conceited about
Discover your Zodiac Personality
Discover your Zodiac Personality @ Quiz Me

You bold that which you have done:

cooked a meal for someone special
Walked in the moonlight with someone I love

been skiing
Shown someone Orion's belt, the Pleiedes and the rest of the northern sky at night.
Ridden a horse
paddled a canoe

done a long distance hike in the wild on my own.
been up in the mountains somewhere
been on a ship at sea
flown in an aircraft
seen a rare bird in the wild

frolicked naked on a nudist beach
tried Morris dancing
tried limbo dancing
been propositioned by someone attractive and said 'no'
been propositioned by someone attractive and said 'yes'

Flown a falcon from my wrist
seen something so wierd I can't explain it.
been to a seance
Been in a full blown fist fight.

been baton charged by riot cops in full armour.
been married
Been divorced
caught a thief.
been to a prehistoric site
Been on TV

been on a jury
sneaked into somewhere that I was not officially allowed to be
been in the newspapers.
been fired from my job

won a quiz game
made a speech in front of a crowd of strangers
eaten a fish I caught myself.

been to another country
held a conversation in another language, with someone from another country. (with difficulty, but yes)
met an LJ friend in RL.
Met someone famous

also, my mother caught a cold. then gave it to me. so now i'm sick AGAIN... I can't get a freaking break, can i?
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