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I've come to two conclusions, that I thought I'd share with everyone. Actually, I just felt like letting everyone know that I'm alive, and now have a working keyboard again. ;D

First, I never should have let my personal issues with wrestlers out-weigh my enjoyment of wrestling it's self. None of the ones that have heat with me will ever make it anywhere close to the big time. So why shouldn't I let myself enjoy watching the ones who ARE good enough to entertain me? Because they DO entertain me. I still LOVE wrestling. From day one, the first time I caught a WWF match on late-night TV, I've been enthralled by it. To the point that I actually went out there and found a way to get myself trained, so that I could try to learn more about this thing that fascinated me so much.

Not to say that I was actually any good. Or that I didn't make what was obviously, in retrospect, a monumentally bad choice in groups to get involved with. I think there was a reason beyond my own control issues, that i couldn't bring myself to trust the people I was working with enough to learn much from them. Barring MAYBE one or two people, I turned out to be completely RIGHT in not trusting them.

Despite all that, the fact is, I ENJOYED it. Even when I was slamming my head into the mat 20 times a night before I had enough strength in my neck to tuck my chin properly, being tossed around like a rag-doll by guys twice, sometimes three times my size, having my finger (yes, the one with the tumor, though I didn't know that's what it was at the time.) stepped on hard enough for me to scream, or doing something to my groin muscle that had me in bed for a week, and still causes me random problems to this day... I still reveled in every minute of the time I spent in that crappy little ring.

For me. Sports hating. Singing, acting, but dont even TRY to get me dancing, because I don't do sweat unless it's in a tanning bed, Tiffani? Admitting to enjoying something athletic?

I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few pigs hovering like hummingbirds outside my window right now.

The fact remains, that it called to me. Almost as strongly as acting has called me all my life.
I somehow let myself forget that over the years. Not any more. I'm going to let myself enjoy it again. I think I might even look into training again. If nothing else it'll get me out of the house. Maybe I can find out once and for all if I actually have any talent lurking under the control issues.

Besides, I used to have SO much more fun when I was into wrestling...

And two. Apparently my paid account expired, and I need to move my LJ graphics. (That's not a hint, James. Buy Drew a toy, or something. I don't need extra icons, I'm quite happy with the three I have. But I know you, so thank you for considering it again for that split second.)
Strangely enough, my upload-it account still works, even though it expired back in Feb. Awfully nice of them to give me free storage space. So I might as well make use of it.

ETA: well, fuck me. I completely forgot that I can't edit my journal's layout if I'm not a paid member. So, since i was using LJ's storage feature to hold my journal graphics, they're now dead, and I cant fix them, unless I pay for my account again, in which case they'll be working again anyway. dammit.
Stupid LJ.
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