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I'm appealing to the Lit-philes on my list for help. In two capacities.

First, I want to catch up on my classic lit reading. I was the girl in school, who was always reading SOMETHING, but rarely was it assigned to me by my english teacher. I skated by in all my classes based on my capacity for believable bullshit, and tended not to get my reading lists completed. I learned to wing it on essays and exams quite early.
Lately i find myself regretting that. So if anyone would like to rec me their favorite HS and college assigned reading, I would be very grateful.

Second, I'm looking for a book. A particular book that I haven't read in at least 10 years. It was my mother's, and has since disappeared from the house into the ether. As many of our favorite books tend to do when my grandmother does spring and fall cleaning. (and people wonder why I leave my clothes everywhere. It keeps her from wandering in to pick things up and misplace them. She's afraid to trip over a stray bra.) anyway....

This book, which neither my mother nor I can currently remember the title of, was from the POV of a brilliant teenage girl, who's father was somehow involved in nuclear research. He got a warning to her just in time for her to be saved from a nuclear holocaust of epic proportions. But she was left alone, with only her highly intelligent Hyacinth Macaw for company. Most of the story is her journey across the US, in an attempt to find him after the fallout had cleared. That's pretty much all I can remember of the story, at this late date. But, despite it's rather far fetched plot, I recall it being exceedingly well written.

I've been trying to remember the author or the title for months now, because I want to attempt to find another copy of it. I can even remember the cover art, it was a long-shot of the girl, walking down an empty highway with the huge blue macaw either on her shoulder, or flying just above her, but the title completely escapes me.

Does it ring a bell with any of you?
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