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My mother had her "surgery" for the kidney stones yesterday. I put that in quotes only because they don't even cut you open, anymore. They do sonic barrage, to break them up, instead. We were in and out of Tampa General in less than four hours, including the two hours we had to wait before they even took her back.
After they knocked her out, I went downstairs to McDonalds, had a fruit and walnut salad (surprisingly awesome, btw), and a cigarette out on the patio. then went back upstairs and she was already in recovery.

The truly interesting part of the day was that not a single person came up to ask me about my knitting this time. Usually I get random people wandering up to tell me all about their knitting, or their grandmother who knits, or something. I was actually expecting it, and was surprised not to have it happen.

Instead I got interrupted while I was reading out on the patio as I ate my salad.
See, I was giggling. Uncontrollably, at the book I was reading. It's Adam Copeland's autobiography. For those who wouldn't know, or care, he's a wrestler. Edge from the WWE. Another one of those long-haired blonde Canadian ones that I've always been so very fond of looking at. (Although, I WILL admit I like Christian better WITHOUT the long blonde hair...)

He has some extremely funny road stories, and a wonderful way of turning a phrase.
One story in particular I almost feel as if I was there for, since I sorta watched it unfold from my home computer.

They were all stuck in Baltimore by the Blizzard of January 2000. He, Christian, and Chris Jericho went out to dinner and apparently got drunk on girly wine. Then went to hang out at the hotel of Matt and Jeff Hardy, Lita, and a couple other people. Who had apparently also gotten into the girly wine that evening, as they were just as toasted. It became a regular party with hijinks galore.

(and TRUST me. Wrestlers know hijinks. Remind me to tell the one about Sandman streaking the hotel parking lot after an indy show in Ft Lauderdale one day... Or maybe the one where I ate my entire dinner whilst perched on New Jack's knee, after another indy show here in Tampa. Hey, I wasn't scared of him. Everyone else was, but he actually liked ME. :-P)

THEIR hijinks included, amongst others, a mass exodus out of the second floor window into a 3 foot snowbank, where they proceeded to wrestle half clothed in a blizzard for nearly an hour before trooping back inside to warm up, and (HERE'S where I come in...) then they decided to share their fun with the rest of the world.
By posting the story to the Hardys' official message board, which myself and their webmaster happened to be in charge of at the time, and had to approve all the posts for. So there I was, up late with my perpetual insomnia, and suddenly the bulk of my favorite wrestlers are quite obviously drunk-posting to the message board I run.
We would finish approving one post, and the next would suddenly appear in the queue. They weren't in much shape to post anything beyond "hi! We're stuck in the blizzard of the century, so to pass the time we jumped out a window! Hope you're all having as much fun as we are!" Which was amusing enough, as it was.
I wound up approving some hilarious posts from Matt, Jeff, Christian, and I think it was Joey Matthews, before I assume they all passed out, froze, or the party finally broke up.

Anyway, the point is, I was reading about this in Edge's book on the patio of the hospital, giggling uncontrollably at hearing about it from yet another perspective. Only in far more hilarious detail. When I was interrupted by a doctor, who came over to find out what I was reading that had me laughing. I told him, and we wound up having a 15 minute conversation about wrestling in general, and the book in particular. Which he'd read twice. You heard that right. The DOCTOR (He was an Orthopedic Surgeon, and in his 40's, for god's sake!) was a wrestling fan, and had read Edge's book more than once. I feel a bit vindicated, now. Seriously. lol

Anyway. After he had to leave, I went back upstairs, and my mother was already finished. Half an hour later we were out of there. We came home, I cooked her a steak for dinner, and all was well. She doesn't even have a bruise this morning.

All in all it was a more interesting day than I've had in quite some time.
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