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corona wishes, and reality show dreams...

my subconscious needs help. really. it's getting frightening at this point. if i have one more dream where i'm a 'contestant' on a reality show, i may have to consider getting counseling.

this one seems to have been a combo between the surreal life and big brother. because there were celebs, but we could be voted off.

Some old chick managed to mess up the dinner I'd been cooking, and I told her that she should have just found me, and I would have finished it myself. Which led to her going around trying to get me to be the first person voted out of the house. Saying that because i was the youngest I was the most likely to be irresponsible and we had to work together. At which point I piped up with "I'm the only person who's actually DONE anything around here since we got here this morning. I didn't see YOU cooking dinner. Just ruining it, before I could finish it."

So they all voted her off, and I got to stay another day. Only to find that all the food had disappeared, and we were out of a bunch of incidentals, like coffee filters. Which was apparently a national emergency because everyone started freaking out and wondering how they'd make coffee. I ignored everyone, pulled out a notepad, and started writing down the things we needed.

I was sitting on the floor in the living room. Notepad and pencil in hand. With an ipod on one of those speaker dealies so I could drown out the weird people freaking out over coffee. It was playing Bon Jovi (You give love a bad name). Then it switched to ACDC (you shook me all night long). Then it switched to Dream Theatre (Panic Attack). All in quick succession, like someone was fast-forwarding through my actual playlist. I'm almost tempted to believe that someone came in my bedroom and did it, because those are all on my current playlist...

It finally stopped with the Dream Theatre, and I started singing along as I continued to write my list. Then Chris Jericho walked over, sat down, and started talking about his band. For SOME reason I ignored him, and he threw a tantrum about it. So I had to appease him by asking him what his favorite candy was, and promising to get it for him.

Yeah. I know. candy. even my subconscious thinks wrestlers act like kids...

So he left and DOM came over, and started giving me suggestions for things to buy. He wanted sushi, and beer. Preferably Corona. With lots of limes. Which I had no problem adding to the list. Promising to get several cases, and mumbling something under my breath about needing one already. Which made him laugh.
Then he left and i woke up.

And really wanted a beer.
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