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Apparently the combination of Lost and Veronica Mars has killed TWOP. See? Another reason they should never have been put on the same night, at the same time...
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my vacation starts next friday the 14 so let me or mom know what day would be best for movie and sephora i don't go back until the following friday the weekends aren't to good for me i got the movie and lunch covered, mom's going to drive us so all you need is you :) hope all is well
sent you an email. :-*
hey, did you get my email? I never heard back from you. :-*
no e mail you may have my old addressyou can call me i am up pretty early and and pretty late
i know you don't watch lost but this is sooo funny
The Lost Drinking Game

Filed Under: TV News
In the traidtion of our Top Model Drinking Game and our (now defunct) Star Jones Drinking Game, readers Cinthya and Kevin (representin' Jersey City) submitted the following rules for a Lost drinking game.

Feel free to add your own rules...after the jump.


- Anytime all the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) are mentioned, either in a row or in combination, take a shot

- Whenever Locke makes a speech about destiny, fate or faith, take a shot

- Whenever Scott or Steve are referenced or mixed up, shot

- Anytime there is a Polar bear reference or it appears, shot

- Whenever Jack cries, take two shots, youre guaranteed to be drunk by the end of the night

- Whenever one character appears in another characters flashback, shot

- Whenever the "Others" are mentioned or referenced, shot

- Anytime Charlie mentions Driveshaft and no one cares, take a shot

- Anytime the "hatch" is mentioned, shot

- Whenever Hurley mentions he is bad luck or the numbers are bad luck, shot

- Whenever Sawyer calls Kate "freckles", shot

- Anytime someone pulls out a gun, shot

- When Sayid makes or fixes a gadget, like making a radio out of a coconut, shot

- Whenever Shannon is tanning, take a shot

- Anytime the "monster" appears, is mentioned or heard, shot

- Whenever Sayid is wearing an undershirt or Sawyer is topless, take a shot and lick the tv screen

- Whenever we hear whispering in the jungle, shot

- When Sawyer gives someone a new nickname, shot

- Whenever Hurley says "dude", shot

- Finally, whenever something is left unexplained finish off the bottle, and throw it at the tv exclaiming, "I hate TV!"

Enjoy responsibly tonight.

if someone tried to play this with the first season DVDs, they'd wind up like I was the other night, before the pilot even finished...lmao