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I cannot even...

So... I'm cleaning out my closet. I'm planning a yard sale to fundraise for D*C, and I have tons of stuff I'll never wear again. Or at least, I used to think I'd never wear them again. Until I decided to try on a pair of my old jeans on a lark... Just to see how far I still have to go.

The last pair of jeans I bought that fit me properly were size 13. I bought the size 11 pair I mentioned previously, because they were tight, and I wanted to diet into them. I think I've more than managed that, at this point. I can pull the damn things off without undoing the button. But I had no idea...

I'm sitting at my computer, right this very moment, comfortably wearing a pair of size 7 jeans. I haven't worn these jeans in at least 6 years. Now, granted, they're a little tight around the waist. I'll even go so far as to say I've got a bit of a muffin-top going on, so I wouldn't actually wear them in public, yet. But they go right on, button easily, and I can breathe in them. The fit on my butt, hips, and legs is as perfect as any pair of jeans I've ever worn.
I know part of it is that these jeans are basically molded to fit my shape, but still. A year ago, I would have said that I'd never manage to fit into these jeans, again.

The funny thing is, I haven't lost any weight in the last 2 weeks. I've hit a plateau, apparently. Or I've done all I can by changing my diet, alone. I need to buckle down and start exercizing more often, if I want to lose any more weight this summer.

But little things like this..? Fitting into the jeans I wore at the point where I was the happiest with my body that I've ever been..? THAT is a huge incentive to work harder.
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