the ever-cynical uber-fangirl (melody2tds) wrote,
the ever-cynical uber-fangirl

Here's what I've been doing lately, for anyone who's been wondering:

Gwyn, lvl 30 Spirit Master.
Aion, Azphel server (Elyos), PlanB legion.
I also have a Ranger named Rhianu, need to get her lvld, and take some SS.



Yes, I'm well aware of the resemblence to Barbie. It's completely on purpose, cause in reality she's f'ing scary in PvP, but guys are so predictible and get distracted by the black lace and garter belt. So she looks all tiny and gorgeous, so small I can stand inside my pets. Then I'm attacking you, and it's *instapwn*.  xD
I've outlvld this gear by like 8 lvls, but it's so ridiculously gorgeous I dont want to replace it. I need to get some upgrades, and reskin them with this, but I'm lazy. SMs aren't all that gear dependant anyway, so I can get away with it for a while longer.
Tags: aion
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OH GOD i think you've killed me once...
i'm crying ;-;
your character looks fierce as FUQ though <3 call me xx
Amazing ! I just got 3500 RP code for totally FREE ! Come and download code too

>> <<